Technologists and Technicians in Canadian Society

Technologists and technicians play a vital role in Canada’s modern society. They are skilled professionals who help ensure that the country’s technology-based systems and infrastructure are properly designed, manufactured, tested and maintained.

Their expertise is applied across a wide range of fields. Activities can range from laboratory analyses for quality control in food production to evaluating the economic and technical feasibility of replacing chemical plant equipment; from planning a response to an oil spill to designing industrial process control systems; and from translating engineering documents into detailed fabrication drawings to conducting hydrographic surveys to define critical watersheds. Technologists and technicians are practical people who apply scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Becoming certified and registered as a technologist or technician is a significant achievement in an individual’s career. Certification also provides a valuable advantage in today's competitive job marketplace and many employers prefer to hire certified technologists and technicians.

Professional certification also allows greater job mobility through transferability agreements. Each provincial technology association is party to an agreement to recognize credentials from other provinces. The Canada-wide Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) is an example of a Federal government initiative intended to remove barriers to the free movement of professional and skilled members of the workforce.

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