Council, Practice Review Board, Misconduct and Discipline

Professional certification is a signal that members of a professional association are required to provide their services in an ethical and competent manner. Ultimately, each provincial association's Council is responsible for approving members’ standards of practice and defining an association's Code of Ethics. 

On a day-to-day level, it is the association's Practice Review Board (PRB) that enforces the Code of Ethics and the standards of practice.

The PRB reviews all proposed new standards, makes recommendations to Council and, through planned practice reviews, ensures that members follow 'best practices'. A practice review is used to evaluate a member's competency to undertake the work for which they are certified and can also be initiated by complaints received from the public.

On those occasions where it is felt that a member may have acted improperly, the PRB can be requested to investigate the complaint. Depending on the results of the investigation, the outcome can range from dismissal of the complaint through to writing of a letter of censure, the issue of a stipulated order (a recommended resolution from the PRB that the member may or may not accept), or a Disciplinary Hearing that could result in the removal of the member’s certification.

Additional information on the Practice Review Board and the complaint process can be found on each association's web site.

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