Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Technology Professionals are accountable to both the public and their profession for protecting the public's health and safety, the environment and the economy.

The public expects that technology professionals will perform their work using up-to-date levels of knowledge and expertise. Since these levels are constantly changing through innovation and development, it is essential that members engage in lifelong learning.

And for their own benefit, members preparing for advancement and promotion owe it to themselves to keep their technical knowledge and expertise current and to document their experience and continuing education.

To support members in their efforts to maintain and enhance their professional skills and knowledge while providing assurance to the public, each provincial association has established a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

The typical goals of a CPD program are to:

  • strengthen society's trust in the decisions and advice of Technology Professionals (called 'professional reliance');
  • enhance the recognition of professional designations;
  • provide opportunities for recognition by other professionals;
  • provide opportunities to transfer knowledge to others; and
  • provide a structure for an individual member's continuing professional development and to serve as a resource for updating resumes.

For the association, CPD:

  • demonstrates to the public that the association is committed to helping its members maintain and improve their competency;
  • reduces the need for taking disciplinary action against members who break the provisions of the Code of Ethics; and
  • improves the standing of Technology Professionals among members, employers and the public.

The many benefits to members include:

  • a way to help follow the Code of Ethics;
  • career development that helps when changing jobs or seeking promotion; and
  • a means of recording professional development.

Check the web site for the association to which you are applying to learn more about their CPD program.

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