Code of Ethics

Links to the Code of Ethics for each professional association for Technology Professionals in Canada can be found on at this link.

The Code of Ethics and any supporting practice guidelines or rules of conduct for the association to which you are applying must be carefully studied so you are thoroughly familiar with its contents.

The Code of Ethics builds on the broader society's generally-accepted standards of 'right and wrong'. It provides a set of guidelines that helps ensure Technology Professionals conduct themselves in an ethical way and, in particular, make decisions that support their privileged role as protectors of the public interest.

Association members are bound by the content of the Code of Ethics. However, it is important to use the Code as a general guide and not as an absolute set of principles that ignore the existence of other equally important responsibilities and rights established in the broader society.

Of course, not all Technology Professionals are registered with an association and therefore formally bound by a published Code of Ethics. But these individuals will also have learned the ethical rules that apply to their area of activity through working with peers and mentors and it is important that professional associations continue to develop and promote standards of conduct and to train individuals in how to apply them.

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