Technology Registrations Canada (TRC)


The Technology Registrations Canada (TRC) web site is a joint initiative by Canada’s provincial associations for Technology Professionals.

Its purpose is to help qualified individuals become certified and registered as career professionals in Canada.

The TRC site allows individuals from Canada and around the world to:

  • self-assess their competency against the National Technology Benchmarks for technicians and technologists
  • apply to the provincial association of their choice for certification as a technician or technologist, including new applicants for certification and those applying for reclassification, change of discipline or reinstatement
  • monitor the status of their application throughout the application process

If you have made a decision regarding to which province you plan to submit your application, it is recommended that you visit their web site to learn more about their specific certification process.

It is strongly recommended that individuals with an interest in applying for certification review all site content by following:


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* The provincial association for Alberta, ASET, does not use TRC.  Applicants to ASET should visit their web site.