Private Practice, Consulting and Business

Many opportunities exist for technologists and technicians to work in their fields of expertise as independent business people. Being self-employed can offer a wider range of work challenges while providing a sense of independence and flexibility.

On the other hand, self-employment presents its own challenges in terms of managing the business, marketing the services offered, and delivering better services than competitors.

It is not the intent of this manual to provide detailed guidance on running a business. However, prospective and current members with an interest in self-employment are strongly urged to consider small business development training such as that offered by most post-secondary institutions. While not generally covered in great depth in technical programs, such additional training can be immensely helpful in avoiding the many pitfalls along the way to developing a successful business.

Like employed Technology Professionals, self-employed technology professionals must put the public interest ahead of any personal or business interests. They are also expected to keep themselves current by taking advantage of professional development opportunities and practice reviews while looking for improvement opportunities such as mentoring and peer review.

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