Job Functions and Levels of Responsibility

Technologists and technicians are sometimes assumed to be solely engaged in ‘front-line’ technical work. In reality their activities embrace a wide variety of job functions including management, technical support, consulting, research and development, marketing and sales, and contract administration.

Within a working organization, these individuals are to be found in a wide range of positions, depending on their experience.  These are, with increasing levels of responsibility:

  1. Receives on-the-job training in a variety of new environments while working under close supervision as they gain experience, typically working on small tasks within larger projects.
  2. Performs technical procedures with occasional direct supervision.
  3. Performs technical tasks with limited direct supervision and solves problems based on principles of applied science technology. Also makes some decisions for which they assume responsibility.
  4. Works in a complex technological area without direct supervision. Receives broad task objectives, is responsible for significant technical decisions and may train other professionals.
  5. Holds a senior position and may act as a manager or consultant.  Independently conceives programs and defines problems to be studied or objectives to be achieved. Involved in long-term planning for the organization.
  6. Performs a senior management role with overall responsibility for projects while supervising teams of professionals.

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