The Engineering Team

Technologists and technicians are part of a larger technical team.

It is the research scientists who develop the new ideas that expand our collective knowledge of science. Engineers are the link between this knowledge and its practical application, typically through the design of new devices, systems and structures for our use. Technologists often work closely with engineers, applying engineering principles and methods to resolve complex technical problems while frequently supervising other team members. Technicians in turn address such practical elements as systems testing and equipment maintenance. Completing the technical knowledge spectrum, skilled workers provide the highly developed manual expertise – such as welding and machining – that turn designs into usable hardware.

On any given larger project - such as the construction of a bridge, an environmental cleanup or exploration for a new drill site - engineers, technologists, technicians and tradespersons work together as essential members of an integrated technical team.

Each team member brings their own unique skill set, education and certification based on qualifications and experience. A document describing the Engineering Team in greater detail can be found in the Engineering Team document.

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