Sources for Helping Define Moral and Ethical Behaviour

As individuals we refine our sense of 'right and wrong' and our ability to make ethical judgments over time. We are influenced by family and schooling, by our affiliations with friends and groups, through errors made and lessons learned, and by interacting with society in general.

In time we become functional human beings within a functional society, respecting the needs and beliefs of others.

Moral behaviour is considered to be guided by the generally-accepted standards of 'right and wrong' in a particular society, such as: always tell the truth, it is wrong to steal, respect your elders, and so on.

Ethics, on the other hand, are understood to be a set of more tightly defined, written principles such as those defined by a professional association's Code of Ethics. Each association for Technology Professionals in Canada has a Code of Ethics. Some codes are identical while others read differently but address the same principles.

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