Step 6

Step 6: Summary

You have now completed the self-assessment steps.

Understanding Your Results

  • If you are satisfied with your self-assessment and have not already done so, you can create an account and begin completing your application for certification.
  • The final decision regarding certification is the responsibility of the certification board for the provincial association to which you apply.
  • Certification cannot be granted to internationally-trained professionals until they have arrived in Canada.

Competencies Claimed and Misrepresentation

The competencies you selected during your self-assessment will appear on the form sent to your technical references if you decide to proceed with an application for certification. The references will be asked to confirm your experience, knowledge, work history and competency. It is strongly recommended that you talk to your references about what they will be asked to provide on your behalf.

Any misrepresentation made during the application process will result in the immediate cancellation of any certification granted.

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