Self-Assessment and Application Process

Building your application for certification requires that you assemble and record information related to your qualifications and work experience and identify technical references who can verify your claims for work experience and competency.

This site allows you to create a secure personal account in which you can save and update your information before submitting it to a provincial association for review.

Overview of the Process

  1. Create an account and login to save your self-assessment or try a free self-assessment
  2. Complete your self-assessment:
    • Select your education pathway: Graduates of Nationally Accredited Canadian Technology Programs (Option A) or Graduates of Other Technology Programs (Option B)
    • Select Technician or Technologist level based on your education and experience
    • Select your main technology discipline (or up to three disciplines if you work in an employable hybrid discipline)
    • Select the NTB competencies and indicators of performance that relate to your education and work experience
    • Review your self-assessment
  3. Select the provincial association to which you want to apply
  4. Fill out an application for certification (or reclassifcation, change of discipline or reinstatement if so directed), including:
    • Personal information
    • Home address
    • Contact information
    • Education
    • Work experience
    • Technical references
    • Details on how your education and work experience help you meet the requirements of the National Technology Benchmarks selected in your self-assessment (graduates of Canadian nationally accredited programs need only provide details of their work experience)
    • IMPORTANT: Your application form must include evidence that demonstrates how your education and experience satisfy each competency you are claiming. Applications that indicate only the competencies claimed will not be accepted.
    • Attach scanned documents to your application, including:
      • Diploma
      • ID (such as passport scan, birth certificate, driver's licence)
      • Letter of reference for your most recent employment
      • Job description for your most recent employment
      • Academic syllabus or course outlines
      • Proof of permanent residence or work permit status
  5. Submit your completed application to your preferred provincial association for Technology Professionals.

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